abandoned signa commercial sign which no longer serves to direct attention to a business, product, service, or activity which is conducted upon the premises where such sign is located.
barricadeany object or structure that creates a barrier or obstacle to control, block passage or force the flow of traffic in the desired direction. Barricades also include temporary traffic barricades designed with the goal of dissuading passage into a protected or hazardous area or large slabs of cement whose goal is to actively prevent forcible passage by a vehicle.
building protrusions/appurtenancesan extension from, above or beyond a building’s surface
community parka park of 2-10 acres
community spaceopen space used for passive or active recreation or the location of stormwater management facilities
conservation buffer also known as: buffer strip, vegetative barrier, field border, filter strip, grassed waterway, resource bufferan area of land maintained in permanent vegetation that helps to control air, soil, and water quality and other environmental problems on land. Resource buffers can have several different configurations of vegetation found on them, varying from simply grass to combinations of grass, trees, and shrubs. Areas with diverse vegetation provide more protection from nutrient and pesticide flow and at the same time provide better biodiversity amongst plants and animals.
critical habitat areaa specific geographic area that is essential for the conservation of a threatened or endangered species and that may require special management and protection
digital sign
also known as: changeable message sign, electronic message sign, LED sign
a form of electronic display that shows information, advertising, and other messages. Displays may be LCD or plasma screens, LED boards, projected images, or other emerging display types.
distribution linesthe wires from substations to consumers
also known as: interstate, thruway, highway, expressway, turnpike
a type of road designed for safer high-speed operation of motor vehicles, with no at-grade intersections with other roads, railroads or multi-use trails.
green space
also known as: natural area
protected areas of undeveloped landscape
ground signa sign that is supported by uprights or braces in or upon the ground, including portable signs
homeowners association
also known as: HOA
a legal entity created by a real estate developer for the purpose of developing, managing and selling a development of homes. It allows the developer to exit financial and legal responsibility of the community, typically by transferring ownership of the association to the homeowners after selling off a predetermined number of lots.
impervious cover
also known as: impervious surfaces
mainly artificial structures such as pavements (roads, sidewalks, driveways and parking lots) that are covered by impenetrable materials such as asphalt, concrete, brick, and stone–and rooftops. Soils compacted by urban development are also highly impervious.
landscapingimprove the aesthetic appearance of (a piece of land) by changing its contours, adding ornamental features, or planting trees and shrubs.
light pollution
also known as: photopollution, luminous pollution, light trespass, glare, light clutter, sky glow
excessive or obtrusive artificial light; any adverse effect of artificial light including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night, and energy waste
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medianthe portion of a divided highway used to separate opposing traffic
neighborhood parka park of one-half acre to one acre
nonconforming general outdoor advertising devicesexamples could be billboards, signs on trucks, vehicles parked solely to be signs, etc
off-premises sign
also known as: off-site sign
any sign that advertises a business, person, activity, goods, product or services not located on the premises where the sign is installed and maintained, or that directs attention to any location not on the actual premises
on-premises sign
also known as: on-site sign
any sign identifying or advertising the business, person, activity, goods, products or services primarily sold or offered for sale on the premises where the sign is installed and maintained when such premises is used for business purposes
open space – and active vs passiveareas of protected or conserved land on which development is indefinitely set aside. Urban open spaces can range from playing fields to highly-maintained environments (both active open spaces) to relatively natural landscapes (passive open spaces)
parka protected area, in its natural or semi-natural state or planted, and set aside for human recreation and enjoyment. It may consist of, rocks, soil, water, flora and fauna and grass areas.
pedestrian buffer
also known as: street buffer, tree lawn, nature strip, planting strip, berm, verge
areas of grass between the street and the sidewalk; can have added landscaping, planters, or amenities such as street lights, benches, and bus stops
planting proceduresholes for trees should be twice as wide as the root ball and no deeper than the root ball. Backfill with native soil, not topsoil. trees over 6′ tall should be staked for the first growing season. Bark on a young tree should be protected with tree wrap or plastic spiral wrap during the first year of growth.
porous pavement
also known as: permeable paving
a range of materials and techniques for paving roads, parking lots and walkways that allow the movement of water and air around the paving material.  Although some porous materials appear nearly indistinguishable from nonporous materials, their environmental effects are qualitatively different.  Whether porous asphalt, concrete, paving stones or bricks, these pervious materials allow precipitation to percolate through areas that would traditionally be impervious and instead infiltrates the stormwater through to the sod below.
portable signany sign designed or constructed to be easily moved from one location to another, including signs mounted upon or designed to be mounted upon a trailer, bench, wheeled carrier or other nonmotorized mobile structure. A portable sign that has its wheels removed shall still be considered a portable sign.
protected treeany existing living tree of a species or type that has or possesses each of the following characteristics or criteria:
public property(public right of way)includes the tree lawn areas between detached sidewalks and streets, roadway median strips, parkways, bridges, alleys, utility poles and boxes, as well as street signs and sign poles.
regional parka larger community park or 50 acres or more
re-vegetated conditionhaving been planted with the specific purpose of returning an area to its original vegetation (native plants), prior to changes from development or agriculture
specimen tree
also known as: ornamental tree
a tree planted as a feature in a lawn, park or garden; trees grown by themselves in a lawn or garden for ornamental effect, rather than being massed with others as in a shade cluster or lining a street. Specimen trees can thus serve as focal points in landscape design and may have a prominent spot reserved for it.
also known as: branch, brook, creek, beck, burn, crick, kill, lick, rill, river syke, bayou, rivulet, run
a flowing body of water with a current, confined within a bed and stream banks, defined by its size: classified as a watercourse less than 60 feet (18 meters) wide.
street treea tree in or adjacent to a street’s right-of-way
streetscapethe visual elements of a street, including the road, adjoining buildings, street furniture, trees and open spaces, etc, that combine to form the street’s character.
temporary signsignage specifically designated for a defined period of time, such as a holiday, grand opening, real estate sale; when the event has concluded, the sign is removed
transmission linesthe lines which send power from the power plant to a substation, using materials including wires, coaxial cables, dielectric slabs, striplines, optical fibers, electric power lines, and waveguides
urban wildlife habitat islanda segregated area within a city or municipality designated specifically as a nesting or feeding site for wildlife, with no public access or amenities (such as trails, park benches, etc). Can serve as the permanent residence of wildlife or a temporary resting site for migratory birds.
utility infrastructureequipment used in the transmission of power, phone lines, cable lines, etc; includes signal boxes, pad-mounted transformers, etc.
wind device
also known as: attention-getting device
balloons, inflatables, banners, streamers, pennants, rooftop signs, wind signs, and other devices fastened so that they move when subjected to wind or a breeze