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Congratulations! Your Scenic City Program Application has been submitted online.

Applications will be reviewed by the Scenic City Advisory Committee and a response along with the scored evaluation will be sent out by mid-June. The preliminary evaluation will indicate your level of certification: Recognized, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. Note: you will have the opportunity to submit additional materials to earn more points. This is a two-week appeal period. Final scores will be released mid-July.

Each application must be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee of $749 payable to Scenic Texas. If you are a Rank-up applicant, the fee is $300.

The fee may be paid online (instructions below), by check (address below), or by calling our office to pay over the phone by credit card.

Mail to: 
Scenic City Certification Program
5615 Kirby #645
Houston, TX 77005

Online Payment Instructions:
The application fee can be paid online via the Scenic Texas Donation page. Please select “Scenic City Program Fee” from the selection options, fill in your city name, contact email address and complete the payment process. Payment can be made through the Scenic Texas PayPal account via credit card or your own PayPal account.

Pay Online Here

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